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Ti Nuz, a holiday safe from noises of the world. The islanders know this place like “the house of Mourousi” The presenter star of newspaper the 13 hour old in the Eighties had made of it his haven of peace, Véronique Mourousi having of the family on the island. It is told that great festivals were organized there by the couple. Since the departure of Yves Mourousi, one hardly any more crosses of “people” in the island of Batz. (in 1950, Farah Diba had also posed its towel on the beach very close to Pors Reter)

Where is Ti Nuz, what it is? The hiring is located west of the island on a hillock towards the headlight, 30 meters with the top of the sea level, the oldest mill. They are two houses, one of 2006 inhabited by the current owner, the autredes the Fifties, that of Veronique and Yves Mourousi, entirely renovated, whom we propose with the hiring. 90 m2, a dining room stay cook with chimney, a living room, a room parents with a double bed, a room children with three bunk beds, a WC, a bathroom, a back cooks refrigerating wall cupboard, a wash-house with washing machine, dryer and dishwasher a studio 15 m2 with a double bed and a small bed, a bathroom WC a terrace out of wooden seen sea 75 m2, a garden 450 m2 Spaces sufficiently large and are materialized not to be obstructed, but it is indeed only one ground, each house having the pleasure of a delimited garden. The property is indeed decorated of a large garden of 2200 square meters, consisted of a park in two pieces, for each house, plus an orchard behind in the north booked to the owner. The buildings simple, but well are renovated, decorated and equipped. The rented house is full south, with sight remote sea. The place is particularly calm and discrete, because to the turning of the path, the hikers do not pass naturally there. The house is to 600 m (10 mn) of the borough, 1 km and half of the unloading dock, (20 mn), 900 m of the headlight, and with 500 m of the southern beaches of Pors Laien and of Poul Chorz. To come, take the taxi, or go. That depends on you and your luggage.

Discrete tourism. Small, 3 km 5 by 1 km 5, (320 hectares), in spite of two thirds of second homes, the island of Batz is the least known of the islands of the West. However near to the coast, with fifteen minutes of Roscoff, tourism is not its priority. The population (500 inhabitants) triple however in July August, plus 2000 to 3000 visitors at the day (April to September 1800 passages to the day). Boats every half-hour in summer, station then with the congestions of bicycles on the quays and with the turning of the ways… attention as to the tractors, one says as they are hundred on the island, some very old and very pretty… the bicycle is queen, one practises also horse riding and the sail as of 4 years. The hikers flow as of the beautiful days, to make the turn of the island; it is beautiful! (12 km). A fairy-like tropical garden east of the island Garden Georges Delaselle, (2 hectares, 2500 species, 30000 visitors a year), and the rise of the headlight in the west, (198 marches/1836) are two impossible to circumvent of a stay on our alive and discrete island. See also the hole of the snake, where valiant Nuz, future knight of Cleder did the work for Saint-Pol-Aurélien by throwing the dragon in the rocks after having involved it with the stole passed around the head (the stole is exposed to the church), the Welsh bishop who evangelized the Leon at the 6th century however adapted this feat of arms in the legend. But it is however well in Nuz that Batziens must be removed from the terrible animal which sowed terror and the disorder in the island… The church of Saint-Paul is rebuilt at the 9th century, it is then the principal church of the area which in account however much.

Balneal pleasures. It is said that one breathes in the surroundings the air more reinvigorating Europe! The wind and the currents wash water. The algae proliferate in this bath of purity. The basin accommodates the greatest wealth of algae of the Atlantic coast. Admittedly the English Channel is fresh for the bathe, but the balneal pleasures are well there in Batz, with 20 beaches, largest in north, the white Strike (800m), but to gain a few degrees, the island offers half of its beaches to the south; rare in Northern Brittany! (of which Pors Leien 5 mn).

Batz, the island with the peasants. The island lives all the year, thanks to a very dynamic market-gardening activity. 22 exploitations, more half into organic, cultivate, potato, cauliflower, artichoke, shallot and other early products on more half of the surface of the island. The vegetables push there more quickly than in country of the Leon on the continent (already early, larger vegetable area of France), thanks to the mild climate maintained by the Gulf Stream and with the algae used like manure by the farmers. These productions are obviously especially exported, but in Batz, one eats also potato with all sauces! Per hour when agriculture in Brittany is often stigmatized because polluting (green algas), and whereas the Breton islands pain with living apart from the summer season, Batz proposes another model, and does not make a point too much of announcing it…

Rural, agricultural quite maritime also! 40 families live here on the fishing season and the harvest of the wrack. 10 coastal boats, fileyeurs and trawlers, plus 2 caseyeurs and 5 goémoniers are activated with the accesses. To taste Turbo, Line, Pollack, Saint-Pierre, Spider, Lobster, Crab….

An alive island. On the island of Batz, one can thus nourish insular productions. A market offers the products of the island Sunday in summer, or directly near the producers. The races are easy in addition, with two mini-markets stocked very well and a bakery 34 children go to the public elementary school, and 14 with the College of the Islands of the West, a doctor and male nurses, a fire station take care on the security and the health of the inhabitants. The very beautiful media library Ker Anna proposes books (including one very beautiful funds regional) and DVD. (11300 works and 220 DVD, 240 subscribers whose 170 at the year, a quarter of the islanders are adherent, 4000 visitors) Several associations animate the island at the cultural and sporting level. The summer blessing of the sea, horse-race on the beach, Fest Noz.

descriptions and rates rentals 2016 Ti Nuz island of Batz (01/01/2016) 6-8 pax 3 bedrooms 6 beds (2 140, 4 beds 90) Week Saturday 16H / 10H Saturday –Low Season 490 euro January 2nd April 9/18 October 1 st / 2 November 18 December (Zone A yellow Lodgings of France 2 January to 6 February / March 5 to April 9/1 st of October at the (Tuesday) 18 / of (Wednesday) November 2 to December 18 purple zone B Bed DF February 6 to March 5) –Average Season 690 euro April 9th ​​2 July / 27 August 30 September / 19 October 1 st November / December 19 January 2 (Green Zone C from May 7 to July 2 blue area D of 9 April to 7 May / (Monday) 19 December (Monday) January 2 Christmas holidays) Long stay offer two weeks 10% 3 weeks 20% Summer -High Season preferred 890 euro 2 to 9 July / August 20 to 27                                                                                                                                                       -High Season 1190 euro July 9 August 20 

Stays less than one week, mid and low season Booking open two weeks before the desired date in mid season         

                2 nights               3 nights             4 nights           5 nights  

  the only studio (without breakfast) low yellow violet season     

                80 euro                 115                       145                      170

January 2nd April 9/18 October 1 st / 2 November 18 December average blue green               

                  150                         210                  260                    310

April 9th ​​2 July / 27 August 30 September / 19 October 1 st November / December 19 January 2 

the House Low season yellow violet      

                 260                    320                      370                     410

January 2nd April 9/18 October 1 st / 2 November 18 December average blue green season April 9th ​​2 July / 27 August 30 September / 19 October 1 st November / December 19 January 2                                                       

               350                    430                      490                     540

Months home in low season 1190 euro

January 2nd April 9/18 October 1 st / 2 November 18 December yellow violet,

season average 1590 euro

April 9th ​​2 July / 27 August 30 September / 19 October 1 st November / December 19 January 2 blue green   household at the end of the stay 50 euro, if you wish it taxes of séjour incluses Acompte 25% with the reservation  Deposit of garantie 200 euro     linen of maison draps 9 euro by bed per week. Bathroom linen 7 euro by anybody (2 towel, bath sheet 2 gloves)   kit baby, bed, pot, bath-tub, high chair changing table available


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